Friday, October 26, 2007

A little progress

I slept until 5:15 this morning, after going to bed around 10:40. So I'm making some progress, at least.

Last night was Trick or Treat (I still have no idea why my township can't have Halloween actually on Halloween!). My son dressed up as Jango Fett (he is absolutely nuts about Star Wars). We went over to my mom's development so he could Trick or Treat with his cousins. We had a great time. It was chilly but not too cold. A local fire department stops by one of the main intersections each year with their fire truck and hands out free pizza and glow sticks, so that was a nice diversion in the middle of the evening.

My son also has an incredibly generous heart. When we got back to my mom's house, she had just about run out of candy to hand out. My son said, "Grandma, you can have some of mine, I got way too much," and proceeded to give her two big handfuls of candy. He didn't sort through to give her candy he didn't like -- he just took some out and handed it over. Now when I was a kid, I guarded my candy the way the government guards Fort Knox.

He's such a great kid. I'll post a few pictures sometime this weekend.

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