Monday, October 22, 2007

Cub Scout Camp

After the rather moribund posts lately, I thought I'd write about a much happier time. My son and I spent two days at a Cub Scout camp back in August. The tent we slept in was utterly disgusting (I'll post a photo of it a little later), but we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We arrived Friday evening and spent the evening around a campfire with our fellow scouts. Saturday was a day for crafts and fun. We made rope, learned how to make fire (my son begged me to buy him some flint and steel; I obliged, and he walked around making sparks all day), learned archery, shot BB guns, swam for a while, ate dinner, and then enjoyed an enormous campfire with entertainment provided by the camp counselors. Later, we made a smaller fire back at our campsite and cooked smores.

My son was, of course, absolutely exhausted when we got home on Sunday, and slept until almost 2:00 in the afternoon.

The picture is of the two of us (and his Teddy Bear, Little Friend) on our way to the rope and fire making area.

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