Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The third book in the series is done and with my editor. I sent it to my wonderful agent Matt Bialer first, who (to my complete surprise) suggested no changes! He said there were one or two minor things to consider, but he didn't want me to bother with them before sending it to my editor at HarperCollins to get her feedback.

This book was easier to write than the others in a lot of ways. For one thing, I'm more comfortable with the characters. They're like old friends, and it was fun to catch up with them for the third time. I still had to stretch them and make them grow as people, but it's just easier now.

And I'm more comfortable with writing in general. I've toned down some of the descriptions compared to the first two. I'm more at ease in sketching in the world rather than painting everything in excruciating detail. I like this book a lot, and hope my editor does too!


May said...

The way you deal with this writing thing is surprising. Very often I read blogs of people who put an insane effort in trying to get published and, unfortunately for them, all they get are rejections slips. You, instead, make it sound as it was a hobby, yet your work sees the light. Cool!

David Forbes said...

Unfortunately, until the pay scale increases, it sort of is a hobby. I get paid pretty well for a new novelist, but it's not yet even close to enough to live on. The good thing is my sales are going in the right direction and my books are already profitable for my publisher!