Thursday, February 16, 2006

Germany deal update

It's official! A German division of Random House, Blanvalet, has purchased the first three books of The Osserian Saga. I got the news from my agent Tuesday. I have absolutely no idea when they will be published, but the contract is done and I have given my approval. I have no idea how long a translation will take, if they will commission their own cover art (I assume they will), but I am fairly certain I will have little to nothing to do with it.

Still, cool news! (Next we have to conquer the stubborn Brits and the Aussies....)


Simon Haynes said...


RobB said...

Congratulations David! Your plans for world domination are coming to fruition!


Simon Haynes said...

BTW, HarperCollins Australia has an imprint called Voyager for their SF/Fantasy range. It's well regarded, and there's an online community for Voyager authors and readers here:
Might be worth joining up, participating in discussions and getting yourself known ;-) Quite a few Voyager authors post there.

David Forbes said...

Thanks for the tip, Simon. I'll definitely check it out.

Gabriele C. said...

Cool news.

Yes, Blanvalet does its own cover art.

Fantasy is pretty popular in Germany, so there might be a few royalty Euros to buy you a dinner. *grin*

Ask your agent to keep you informed when the first book is out. I'm member of a German book discussion site and could announce it there. If you want, I can set up an info page for you as well: short bio, pic, some info about the books, that sort of thing.

David Forbes said...

Gabriele, I will be in touch as things progress. Thanks for the offer to help with promotion.

My agent has been very good at keeping me in the loop on things, but I'll be sure to ask him about the publication date.