Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Party

My company's Christmas party was this past Saturday, held at the Radisson Penn Harris Hotel in Camp Hill. A light dinner was followed by a few hours of (fake) gambling. We really had a wonderful time. We played blackjack all night, parlaying our $10,000 voucher into about $18,000 before crashing and burning. John, our very friendly and patient dealer, helped us along since we were complete noobs when it came to gambling.

I got another voucher and we were up to about $20,000 and decided to let it ride for the final bet of the night. And don't you know it, the dealer comes up with blackjack! (Curse you, John!)

I guarantee I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun if it had been my own money....


Mike Rine said...

Sounds like someone's heart has mended. (Note the "we" references) Good for you!

Katt said...

As a published Author could you do some post on what in your opinion is the most important thing about working on a novel? I am a novice, I have 2 short stories that are part of Anthologies in print publication. I am working on my first novel and find myself more frustrated that encouraged. What are the beginning steps in writing any novel? Once you have the basic idea you want.
Thank you so much for you blog, its an intersting read.

David Forbes said...

Sorry I haven't been here much, besides the hectic holidays, I was rear-ended over the weekend. No one was hurt, but it has the unfortunate effect of shaking one up.

Mike, alas, the "we" has come to an abrupt end. We didn't communicate well at all, had a fight after her Christmas party and decided to end things. It had only been three weeks of dating, but it still rather sucks.

Katt, this week is a scheduling train wreck but I will try to post something soon. If you look over my archived posts there are LOTS of entries on the writing process.