Friday, November 16, 2007


Since this blog was originally started to chart the progress of my novels, I'll get back to that for a bit.

Book three is called THE COMMANDING STONE, and I'm presently a little more than halfway through the first draft. I'm hoping to have it completed early next year, with an anticipated publication date in very early 2009. I will be posting the prologue and perhaps chapter one before the end of this year, assuming I can find time to polish them enough to show them to the world. Right now they're in pretty rough form and I'd rather keep the momentum going with the narrative than go back and revise, but we'll see what my schedule permits.

As a reminder for anyone near Bloomsburg, tomorrow I'm holding a book signing at the Cloak and Dragon bookstore downtown from 1 -3 pm. If you're around, please stop by!


garrett said...

hey i was just writing to say ur books are awesome!!! i was introduced to the amber wizard monday and just finished it. it was amazing!! if u ever stop by oklahoma USA ill totally come to a book signing

Sarah Hall said...

Hi there! Hope that your book is completed! Was it published? Please let me know! I can be now reached at! Thank you!